Love the Hard Way

A Dusty Tale 2 December 2, 2011

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Hey there my lovely subscribers, followers, and supporters!

Dusty is back with a second story :} I dont know if your as excited as I am, but I am actually nervous to post this new story up! I feel like it has a little something for everyone and I hope you read and enjoy as much as you have had the pleasure of reading Love the Hard Way!

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Authors EndNotes October 4, 2010

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Chapter 20 was such an emotional chapter for me to write. I know many authors say that, but this really was for me, as Love the Hard Way was my first sim story. I was so scared to start this because I didnt know how it would be received compared to all the other wonderful stories out there. It turned out to be more than I expected it to be.

I would like to thank all the readers who have been with me from the very first chapter to now the end. You all have inspired me to keep writing even when I didn’t feel like it. And I really want to say thank you for sticking by me even when I took forever to get chapters up. ❤

I really enjoyed writing this story, and mostly I enjoyed the feedback.

I have been asked if I will start another sim story when I finished this. Truth be told, I actually already have. I have about five stories written, plots fleshed out, characters made..etc. I just have to decide which to pick and run with! As much as I am sad to see Love the Hard Way end, I am also relieved. If you didn’t know already, I started my last year of nursing school and it has been a struggle to get on the Sims3 and play, even the site to judge modeling competitions. Time management has been so difficult to squeeze all the things I love about the sims into. I will definitely start another simstory, but it will most likely not be right now. I think its best for me to start next year when I have graduated. I will of course be lurking on the TheSims3 website my username being DustyDreamer and you can find me most active in the modeling forum.

The creativity from sims writers are amazing and the ideas and plots are always keeping me on edge. So keep on writing and Ill keep on reading!

Once again, thank you for all the support. ❤



Chapter20: “Of course I remember Jenny..”

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The doctor had given Hazel sedatives to calm her down, empty her from whatever was haunting her. He took both father and son into his office to speak to them.

“What happened?” Colton asked before the door was even closed.

The doctor raised his hand to silence the further bombardment of questions.

“Let me explain that the onset of the stress response in her mind is associated with specific physiological actions in the sympathetic nervous system, both directly and indirectly through the release of epinephrine and to a lesser extent norepinephrine from the medulla of the adrenal glands. The release is triggered by acetylcholine released from pre-ganglionic sympathetic nerves..Now what…”

“No offence Dr.Boyd, but skip the medical jargon, what happened to her?” responded Samir, cutting him off.

The doctor sighed, “I have diagnosed Hazel as having an Acute Stress Reaction, it’s a little like Post Traumatic Stress disorder, but more severe.”

“But…how could it happen now? I mean, all these months,..nothing and now this?” Said Colton, confused.

“All I can say is that there must have been some kind of trigger.” Dr.Boyd said.

“A trigger?”

“Yes..” He saw the worried looks on the faces of Colton and Samir and said hurriedly, “This is a good thing! We did scans and we know her brain is functionally perfectly fine, but this gives us something to work with. We know that she can indeed respond and not in a loose coma state.” He said nodding reassuringly. After a couple more questions from Colton and Samir, they reluctantly left the hospital. They were told that they couldn’t visit with Hazel that night because they did not know what the trigger for the reaction she had earlier was.


Hazel squinted her eyes, the moonlight from the large window shed some light on the sparse white room. It sent shivers down her body at how cold it was.

She had awoken seven hours later feeling groggy and slightly dizzy..her body weak from non-use. She just sat in the bed trying to regain her composure to stand up and walk. Time was irrelevant to her. She had no idea why she was where she was and it worried her for a moment. It was the quietness of the room that helped her think. She remembered her birthday party, she remembered the phone call of Jenny’s death, how long could that of been? Yesterday? She was slightly confused as to why the news of her beloved friend had soften to a mere hurt and pain in her heart, a little cloudy vision of threatening tears to come if she dwelled on it longer.

She looked around the room once more, moonlight washed over the fresh red roses on the nightstand.

Just then the door opened and the Registered Nurse that had granted Samir his unlimited visit card, came in. Hazel jumped at the sound. “Your up.” Said the nurse, not looking at her. She was used to the blank stares, the silent responses that Hazel gave her. “I’m just going to give you a little—“

“Why am I here? Wheres my son?” Hazel asked suddenly, her voice a little dry and hoarse as she had not used it in a while. It was the nurses turn to jump. She looked at her a bit surprised and took a minute before she spoke. “Uh…wait a moment.” It was a big development and she rushed out of the room to fetch the doctor.

“Shes talking!”

The doctor looked up from the tiresome paperwork he was buried under, “What? Who’s talking”

“Patient Valenti! The one that went under a psychological shock yesterday.” She said.

“Impossible.” Said Doctor Boyd. He left his mess of work and followed the Nurse up the stairs and to Hazels room.

When they entered the room, Hazel was getting up from the bed. “Please sit back down, I’m Doctor Boyd.”

“I want to stand, my body hurts from lying down.” Replied Hazel. The doctor nodded and followed her with his eyes as she struggled to stand with her weak state. When she failed to do so, she sat back down, angry, “What happened to me? Where is Colton?” Doctor Boyd pulled up a chair next to her and sat down, “Will you answer a few questions for me?”

“Why won’t you—“Began Hazel but was cut off by the doctor as he asked,

“What is your name?”

She looked at him with an arched brow, “Hazel Valenti.”

“How old are you Miss.Valenti?”

“39…and my favorite color is brown, favorite food is lobster, I have a son.. his name is Colton, hes 18. He’s going to college on a soccer scholarship. His girlfriend is Anita Feinburg…Anything else?” She said it all in one breath, annoyance at their lack of answers to her questions.

Doctor Boyd ignored her comeback and simple asked, “Do you remember Jenny Dulharm, her husband Dennis—“

Hazel cut him off to say, “Of course I remember Jenny. And yes…I know that she along with Dennis and Garrett died in a plane crash.” There was a lot of feelings behind the words as she said them hurriedly.

The doctor just shook his head, he was amazed. “This is unbelievable…a mere seven hours ago she was—“ He was talking to the nurse, when Hazel interrupted, “Can you please answer my questions now?”

He doctor nodded hurriedly telling the Nurse to notify her son and husband, loud enough for Hazel to hear, but she didn’t completely process the ‘husband’ part as she had more pressing issues to ask.

“Miss.Valenti  you have been in the hospital for a little over four months. You were brought into the hospital several days after you learned that your friend Jenny passed away. You were unable to cope and inflicted damage to yourself. After a month in here you had completely stopped responding.” He said carefully and slowly, he didn’t want to push her back into her state.

The shock on Hazel’s face was an understatement. She had been in here for four months?! How come she didn’t remember that? She couldn’t imagine herself being and doing what he said. That would mean that she missed Coltons birthday..his graduation…Colton! Oh no! What had happened to her?! Why?!

She was overcome with the knowledge. Even though the tears were pouring, she asked the doctor to continue, she wanted to know everything that had happened to her, the reasons, the explanations.

When the doctor was near the end of answering Hazel’s questions, Colton came through the door.

“Colton!!” She said ecstatic to see her son.

When Colton had gotten the call, he and Samir both rushed out to the hospital. He was on a near verge of tears as he hugged her tight, he never entertained the possibility that she would never know who he was again..that she would never look at him with that motherly love…but it was always in his mind, in the corner, eating away at his optimism and hope. “Mom..” He said, “Its so good to see you…” He said crying a little on her shoulder, unable to speak as he silently prayed and thanked whatever mystical being there was in the sky to thank.

“Shh…Its going to be alright now darling..shhh..” She said soothingly smoothing his hair. She couldn’t believe how much older he looked, it really sank in that she had been in a partial coma for over four months. A million and one things went through her mind as she thought of Colton being on his own, alone, not knowing what to do, not knowing how to continue with her in the hospital.

Samir stepped into the room after Colton had and stood watching them, he was nervous. He was contemplating whether or not to go into the room further when Hazel’s eyes locked onto him.

Colton felt the change in his mother’s embrace. He pulled away to look at Samir and then her, “Mom..this is-“

“I know who this is Colton…” she whispered, tears filled Hazels brown eyes unknowing to her. There stood the man who she had loved silently for 18 years, who had the key to every part of her heart. She didn’t understand why he was there, where he came from…all she knew was that she wanted to feel him in her arms. It was she that made the first step forward, the rest where completed by Samir, the result was a bone crushing hug, hundreds of fresh droplets freed from eyes that hungered for the other for 18 years. Hazel ran her hands over Samir’s face as he cupped hers, running fingers over the familiar face, the face that fuzzied over time but never completely vanished. She had so many questions, but the tender kiss that he placed on her lips satisfied every fiber of her forlorn being.




The wind blew gently that beautiful January day. It was cool and full of promise of the future. Hazel stood at the edge of the yard, where a memorial garden filled of Jenny’s favorite flowers were planted. The new house loomed behind her as a warm shadow at her back. Ten years ago she had decided that Sunset Valley had too many memories that she didn’t want to trudge around in. Samir and herself bought a house on the outskirts of the valley, the country air did her good.

She breathe in deeply, running a hand through her short brown hair, in the sun a gold band glistened on her finger.

“Momma! Momma!!” A little voice from behind her called. Hazel turned just in time to receive her seven year old daughter.

“Momma!! Daddy says we gots to go or we will miss the wedding!”

Hazel kissed the little girls head as she smiled, “I’m coming in just a minute baby.”

“Are you alright momma?”

“Im fine…Oh! Jenny!” Hazel said suddenly,


“Don’t forget your flower basket.” Hazel said smiling.

“I won’t!”

She skipped happily off into the house, her hair bouncing, her dress swishing.  Hazel spared a moment long look at the flowers before she too made her way into the house.



Colton stood at the altar, looking dapper in his tuxedo. He was nervous and excited. Hazel blew him a kiss as she smiled at her little boy, for that was what he would forever be in her motherly eyes. The ceremony had yet to begin and she was already tearing. Samir kissed her cheek as he whispered, “No crying now…it’s a happy day for smiling and laughter.” She returned his smile and nodded. Little Jenny sat quietly watching her older brother, she too had a smile as bright as the sun on her little face.

The music began playing and all rose for the bride.

Anita glowed in her bridal gown. She walked down the aisle poised with perfection, brimming with beauty and smiles as she ended her walk by standing at Colton’s side.

It was silent for a moment; everyone taking advantage of it to relish the beauty of it all.

Samir and Hazel looked at their son with happiness bubbling over in their hearts. Colton had succeeded every ambition they had as parents and their pride in him was very worthy.

Colton and Anita gazed at each other with love and dedication. They looked upon each other, knowing that after that day they would be man and wife, that their lives would be one as their souls already were.


The Minister then began, “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered together here in the sign of God – and in the face of this company – to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony, which is commended to be honorable among all men; and therefore – is not by any – to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly – but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. Into this holy estate these two persons present now come to be joined……………………………Do you Colton Valenti take Anita Feinburg to be your wife; to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse…”

And somewhere… in the depths of the blue sky, past the gently rolling clouds, Jenny smiled.


Chapter19: “JENNY IS DEAD!” September 5, 2010

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Samir was ecstatic when he heard the news, he congratulated the couple. He was even more happy to hear their decision to wait until college was over and they were both comfortably in a job before the wedding took place. He knew they were young, only 18. But he knew it was pure magic that allowed two young souls to find each other so early on in life. He was only saddened that Hazel could not join in on the happiness that night. Goodness knows she needed it.

The registered nurse of the ward knew of Hazel’s condition and knew dedication when she saw it. Most people do not come and visit all day long or even every day, but Samir did; from morning to night he was there. And so she pulled some strings and decided to let Samir stay there all the time. Whenever he wanted to go home, he could, visiting hours was no longer a restriction. He was overwhelmed with the kindness and spoke to Hazel in a low voice, stroking her long hair as he told her of the generosity given to them.


Hazel no longer spoke. She just slept, or stared out the window. That didn’t discourage Samir though. He knew that the girl he loved was still in there, trapped under the weight of sadness for all that she had lost in life. He just needed to show her that he was there… that she was no longer alone.


Behind Hazels blank looks none knew but she was living her life out before the accident. Every major happy moment of her life was being re-lived by her mind. When she graduated college, meeting Samir, having Colton, watching Colton grow up, opening her art galleries, being at Jenny and Dennis’s wedding, being at the birth of Garrett. It was all good memories she was remembering, nothing bad. During the months she had been in the hospital, that’s what her mind was doing, her state was induced by the happy memories. It seemed that her mind thought that since she was happy inside, why should she come out of that happy place and live in the sadness and sorrow that reality and the present held for her?

And so every moment that they thought Hazel was unresponsive, she was just in her head, safe and sound. She was not insane; instead her mind had rejected what it did not want to accept and to save her sanity, placed her in times that she was happy.


That Monday would mark exactly two months since Samir left Egypt to be by Hazel’s side. It was another typical evening. Hazel was asleep and he was singing softly near her bed one of the many songs he had taught her in Al Simhara. It was the song he taught her as they lounged on the grassy shores of the Nile eating dinner and drinking wine, dancing and laughing. He was lost in his thoughts of those happier days that he did not hear the rapid tiny beeping of the heart monitor as it sped up.

She forgot about that? Oh how could she forget about that night? That song that he taught her to sing, that she taught Colton!

“I can’t sing as lovely as you can!”

“Just try! I won’t laugh, I promise.”

“Well..what does it mean?”

She watched as he thought over the right English words to describe the beauty of the song.

“It’s a native song, about a god and a goddess.” He started out, “The god was very much in love with the goddess. She was his mark of beauty, and he gave his heart to her without asking for anything in return. One day the goddess was walking through this thick forest, it was hot and she was tired. She laid down for a nap and did not realize where she was napping was home to a large cobra. The cobra came home from its day of hunting and saw the beautiful goddess asleep. He was so mesmerized by her beauty that he wanted to make her his own love. Now back then cobras were believed to be men who did wrong things in their previous lives and returned to this life as a cobra, punishment for their sins. And the only way that they can be changed back into men is if they found a woman who could love them as they were. The cobra thought she was so beautiful that he didn’t think that she was not in love with him and bit her. The god who went looking for his goddess after she did not show up, found her dead; the cobra dead as well as she was not the woman who loved him and the consequences for that folly was death. The god was beyond the words sad, he could not live eternity without her. After 40 years of sadness and despair, a fortune reader who could see into the future told him she saw his goddess in another life, a human life on earth. The reader told him that he had to wait 100 days and nights before he could make himself known to her, or else she would never remember him and would not be able to see him. And so the god waited, and waited, until he could not wait no more. The impatience and eagerness of 40 years caught up to him and on the 77th day he went down to Earth. He gazed at her so lovingly, tears in his eyes as he fell to her feet. But alas she could not see him, feel his presence even. Nor did she ever remember the god that loved her so. He had banished himself from ever having her back, from touching her, from feeling the radiance of her smile…and so he spent his eternity watching over every one of her human reincarnations…to this day waiting for when his beloved goddess would return to him…”

“That is so sad Samir…does she ever return to being a goddess? Ever in the future?”

“ is. It was supposed to teach children the lesson of being patient. But I just found it too sad…but beautiful nevertheless. And no..some people think that he does..but I chose to believe that he doesn’t…”

It was as if that conversation, that particular memory had triggered all the bad ones to come. That was the day that she had met Samirs father and he had been so rude and cold to her. Seeing the face of the old bitter man, set another wave of memories to surface, the call, Samir being married, the loss of her mother, the abandonment. Her mind was desperate to cover it all, to bring back the sweet pleasant place that had kept her hidden all these months, but every time a good memory was brought up, something bad immediately replaced it. And then there was Jennys wedding, holding Garrett’s tiny form after he was born…and in came the images of the flight crash, the phone call to the airline…the knowledge that Jenny is dead ….JENNY IS DEAD!

Samir snapped from the sleepiness that was overtaking him as he felt Hazel move next to him. She was sweating and cringing, her hands were clawing at the white sheet that covered her, she looked like she was having a nightmare, the monitor was showing that her heart rate had increased to an abnormal high. Samir rushed out of the room, screaming for the nurse.

“Whats wrong?! Whats happening?!!” He screamed, scared and frantic.

There were two nurses in the room, trying to stabilize Hazel as the Doctor entered the room, she was going into psychological shock.

“Sir, we need you to wait outside please!” One of the RNs ushered him outside.

“But, whats going on? Whats wrong with her?”

The nurse was grabbing boxes of things from the front desk and hurrying back to Hazels room, she looked at him, “You should wait to speak to the Doctor.”  And before he can persist, she had disappeared into the room.  Samir quickly took advantage of the moment to call Colton at home.


Chapter18: “Your not abandoning her…” August 20, 2010

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Colton stood near his father in the hospital room. Hazel was asleep in the white bed, the sheet raising rhythmically as she breathed. They had boarded the next available plane out of Egypt and was there the next day. Even though they were exhausted with the long plane flight, Samir insisted they go to the hospital first. There was a cab filled with their suitcases waiting outside.

Samir took a step forward; he ran his finger across the sheets until his fingers touched hers. He inhaled a shaky breath and whispered, “Hazel..”

Colton felt he shouldn’t be there, so he left the room and opted to waiting in the lobby.

Samir pulled a chair up, he couldn’t believe that after all these years here she was, his Hazel. He studied her face. She looked exactly the same; she hadn’t aged a bit in his eyes. She still was as beautiful as the day he met her, as the day he fell in love with her. He watched her for quite some time. He was remembering, refreshing every detail he had of her in his memory when the nurse told him that visiting hours were over and that he can come back tomorrow. He was planning to.


The next week both Samir and Colton stayed with Hazel. She was unresponsive to him, and they were unsure if she could hear anything he was saying or if she tuned them all out. She had a glazed look in her eyes and the doctors told them that there was very little hope that Hazel would ever come back from her insanity.

Even through this difficult time Colton was glad Samir was there. They took to each other like a duckling to water. They had conversations like father and son. They spoke to each other like they had never been separated. It was difficult for Colton to call Samir father or dad however…it was foreign to his tongue, and would take a lot more time. Colton and Samir went over all that had happened in the 18 years of separation. The photo albums and the scrapbooks that his mother had taken her time to make helped fill in void.

Samir realized what Colton had been giving up staying with Hazel and made sure that he began his college preparations like Hazel would have wanted. Colton did not feel it was important and wanted to stay with Hazel.

“Why? I am here now Colton..its going to be alright.”

“I—I just don’t want to leave her.”

“But why?” Pursued Samir. He had felt something coming from Colton and he was unsure what it was. Every time he mentioned college, the boy would shake his head saying that his mother needed him.

“Do I need a reason?! Shes my mother! Im not going to abandon her now.” was out. Samir followed Colton out of the hospital room, “Your not abandoning her Colton. Look at all you have done! Do you think that she would want you to sit around and not get ready for college? Your mother has prepared you for this moment, for you to be successful and head off to a new chapter in your life. When she wakes up and realizes that you are dropping your first year because of her, how do you think she will feel? She’s already going to feel horrible about having you miss graduation and your birthday, please…don’t add to the regret.” Samir said softly, his hand on the young mans shoulder. He squeezed lightly, “Your not abandoning her son…go with Anita.”

Colton had his back turned, but his slumped shoulders told Samir that he had tears in his eyes, especially when he sighed and cleared his throat. He nodded a small nod. Before he left, Samir hugged him affectionately, patting his back comfortingly. His parting words were,“Its going to be alright now..dont worry..go..”

It was the first time since his mother had been admitted in the hospital that he smiled…really smiled, really laughed. He had Samir to thank mostly since he urged him on. It had been three weeks since Samir came to Sunset Valley. He stayed in the house with Colton, but lived at the hospital. Colton visited his mother in the mornings and the rest of the day he devoted to Anita and college preparations.

Today they were driving back from the campus. They checked out their reserved dorms and had started moving their things in. On their way back they passed a beach.

“Oh! Can we stop for a moment Colt! I haven’t been to the beach all summer!” Anita exclaimed suddenly. It was a wonderful day. The sun wasn’t too hot and the water was  perfect blue, the waves rolling by ever so gently. Anita sank her feet into the warm sand and sighed. “Isn’t it beautiful?” Colton pulled her closer to him and kissed her cheek, “It always is for me.” She giggled her girlish ways, blushing a little as they shared tender kisses. It came up suddenly that Anita was caught off guard.

“Anita..” Colton started off. Even with all the tragedy going on around him, he still felt that that moment was right to let her know what he was thinking.

“I was thinking…I don’t think I could love anyone more than I do love you. I have given you my heart and I know I have yours…what I’m trying to say is…will you marry me?” He blurted out. He was no good at creating the correct sentences and words that would make the question more beautiful. Before she could answer he continued on, “I mean…we are not  going to get married now. I was thinking when we finish college…just for now we’d be engaged. It feels right, plus since we are still young and I don’t want to burden you…and I know you will want to go–”

Anita said amidst all this, “Yes.” He was still babbling before he realized that she had accepted.


Anita laughed and tackled him to the ground; she kissed him deeply, passionately. “Yes yes yes yes yes…” She kept murmuring in between breaths. They stayed at the beach not noticing just how fast the day was going until sparkling stars emerged.


Chapter17: “All I need is Hazel” July 27, 2010

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“Can I help you?”

Colton looked up at the face before him. He thought he was fine with meeting the man Samir. He didn’t think it should have had an effect on him. He thought he would come to Egypt and find Samir and tell him why he was there and it was that simple…wasn’t it? He never felt like he missed his father when he was young. His mother, Aunt Jenny and Uncle Dennis made up for it. He never felt like he was missing anything. But standing there now, with the knowledge that this man was his father overwhelmed him to the point that he had forgotten everything else.

“Wha-what?” He asked a little embarrassed that he was staring at the man.

“I said, can I help you?” The man asked in a soft voice. It wasn’t angry, it wasn’t forlorn, it was pleasant and it made Colton swallow hard at the news he had to deliver.

“ Actually, Im looking for Samir Kaur.”

“I am are?”

“Im…uh…Im….” Colton found he had trouble speaking, his throat felt awful dry and he had even paled a little.

He shouldn’t of come, what was he thinking? Lost in his own head and the screaming protests within came the voice,

“Are you all right? Would you like to come inside and have a seat? You look like your about to pass out.” Said Samir, opening the door wider and gesturing for him to enter.

Blinking for a moment, filled with confusion, before; “Oh…thanks…must be the heat.”

Colton took a moment to look around as Samir showed him to a small sofa. It was a quaint house, dressed plainly and for the basic needs of life.

When they were seated, Colton couldn’t find his tongue again. It was Samir that said, “You still haven’t told me your name, or why you are looking for me son.”

Colton looked up at that last word that completed Samir’s sentence, something in his heart opened at the word that he never knew was there, a yearning?

“Im …” He cleared his throat and tried again, “My names Colton….Colton Valenti.” He said finally looking at Samir closely to see if anything changed on his face.  “You knew my mother…Hazel.”

Samir looked at the young man across from him, the moment he opened the door, it was like looking at Hazel. The boy had her light brown eyes, her soft face, her nose…only her hair wasn’t black. He knew who this boy could be and he pushed it aside because he knew it couldn’t be true, it was just a weird coincidence.

Samir stood up shaking his head, “ can’t be Hazel’s son” He said walking away. A slight limp could be noticed. He would still be in the army if only he hadn’t hurt his knee in combat. It made him a second too late to move and that lost second could mean the difference between someones life and death.

“I am. Hazel is my mother, you are my..”

Samir stopped him shouting, “You are not Hazels son! Hazel is dead! What cruel joke are you playing at  boy?!”

Colton looked at him, a bit shocked, “No…what?…why would…who would tell you that?” He asked.

Samir ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head. “My father said….” and the moment he spoke it, everything seemed to fall into place. It was like a giant puzzle that he thought he had completed years ago, only to find that it was still missing pieces. “That son of a bitch.” He said and without any notice he slammed his fist against the wall, shaking his head as it rested on the cool wallpaper, repeating, “the son of a bitch..I cant believe that son of a bitch.”

Colton was a little afraid, but said nothing.

Samir began softly speaking a few seconds later, “My father told me Hazel was dead. That he received a phone call from her friend…and wanted to tell me she was dead. A car accident the bastard said.” His tone went from soft and illuminated with pain at every syllable to bitter anger.

Colton held his mothers letter that was never delivered in his hands, he held it out for Samir.

“My mother is not dead…she called, but your father told her you were married.”

Samir looked at Colton’s young face and took the letter, his eyes devouring it within seconds, hot tears burned behind his eyelids before they spilled and he was sobbing.

He clutched the letter tightly to his chest and cried. When he learned that Hazel had died he felt like he had died. He had no direction, no sense, no purpose to live. He had given most of his life to the army, hoping to die and be reunited with the one he loved, yet she wasn’t dead. She was alive. She was alive…Samir looked at Colton, realization hitting him that that was his son…he had a son. He had a boy that grew up without him, that thought his father had abandoned them. The thought sent more tears to the older mans eyes, large round droplets running down his cheek, no end in sight. He pulled Colton into a hug, crushing him, memorizing the feel of this young man who was of his flesh and blood, who he didn’t have the pleasure of holding when just a baby.

“I never knew, I never knew. If I had the slightest knowledge of you I would of come running. I would of…” And then there was more muffled whispered talk of regrets and tears all shed in that hilly valley of Egypt.


It was nearly three hours that they were talking. He had cleared it up that he was upset that his visa didn’t go through and did not want to tell Hazel that it would be a bit longer before they were reunited. He had no idea that his father was planning a secret marriage.  Samir’s eyes weren’t quite dry yet. He had so much anger and hatred for his father once again, he thought it was gone with his death but it wasn’t. If he wasn’t dead, he would have killed him with his bare hands. Samir couldn’t get over that he would do something like this…it was cruel and evil even for his father. He had had 10 years to tell him, ten years to correct the mistake that drove his son to throwing his life away, and yet he didn’t; he died with the knowledge. Samir just couldn’t understand what satisfaction he had with keeping two people apart, and more so a family apart. Did he not have any compassion when he learned he was a grandfather? These thoughts and many more ran rampant through his head, he just couldn’t understand.

Colton always thought he would hate his father if he ever met him, for leaving his mother and him. But he didn’t expect that the man had no fault…instead his parents cruel separation was done at the hands of his grandfather. He was surprised at how easy it was to like Samir. He didn’t know what to expect but he knew that Samir had to be a kind man for his mother to fall in love with.

When all talk of the past was finished, and the inquiries about his mother began. That was when Colton remembered the reason he came here in the first place. He told Samir about the accident and about the destructive effect it had on Hazel. He didn’t need to ask him if he would come, Samir had already pulled his suitcase from the closet.

“We will leave tomorrow. Ill pack up tonight. I don’t need much and I don’t think Ill be coming back here…ever, there is nothing left for me here. All I need is Hazel…” He paused his hurried hands to glance at Colton, “And you…my son.” He said before hurrying away to get his things together. He had finally gotten his visa, but when his father told him she had died he never looked at it again. Now he held it in his hands, “I’m coming my love.” Samir whispered, his eyes glassy once again with  tears.


Chapter16: “…it’s a long story.” July 18, 2010

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Colton believed that finding Samir was the best thing to do for his mother at that moment.  He believed that seeing him would jolt her back into reality permanently, force her to see the present and not the past. He booked a flight to Egypt and took a picture of the man who was his father along with him.

It scared him a moment to get on the flight…he had a wave of nausea to get on the plane, but took that step for Hazel. She had given him so much, he wanted to give her her life back. He loved his mother and would do anything to see her smile and be happy once again, and if that ment traveling halfway across the world to find his estranged father..he would do it.


After a 10 hour flight, Colton had set his foot on Egyptian soil. The air was thick with perfume from the Nile and the flowers along the banks. The heat was different here, it wasn’t hot as in Sunset Valley summers, it was…perfect. Colton wasted no time, no matter how star struck he was with the giant pyramids and the beautiful scenery he passed on the way to Al Simhara village. He checked into the local hotel grounds, though it wasn’t a hotel as a camping ground. He had to rent a tent since he did not bring anything but one suitcase.

The young man began inquiring as soon as he could about one Samir Kaur.

He walked into the marketplace and was greeted with friendly shop owners trying to convince him to buy their goods. Most didn’t speak English well enough to understand what he was asking, but they did recognize the picture, but alas he did not understand their gesturing and language. The moment he was getting frustrated by the lack of communication, a mans voice called to him.

“Hey! You there!”

Colton turned around, it was a burly looking man with soft eyes that suggested in his younger days he might have been handsome.

“Yes sir?”

“I hear that you have been looking for Samir Kaur.”

“Yes..I am. Would you happen to know where he is?”

The man looked at Colton up and down, “You kinda look like him when he was your age..a little difference around the eyes only…” He said scrutinizing the young man.

Colton remained silent. After a moment the man replied,

“I do know where he is…who are you to him? A cousin? I didn’t know he had anymore relatives.”

“I am…just a friend. Could you perhaps tell me the address of where he is? I went to this address I got from a letter, but it was occupied by someone else and they didn’t know the Kaur’s.” Colton said, showing the man the envelope.

“Oh..thats cause they don’t live there anymore.  See…its a long story, lets go in the café and have a drink.”

Colton was polite even though he was eager to find out where Samir was. He sat with the man, watched him drink two cups of tea and talk nonsense before he started what they originally sat for.

“Anyways…see the thing is that Waquir, that was Samirs father. Waquir had set up an arranged marriage for the boy, but Sammy didn’t want to get married. Everyone knew the boy had…whats they call it?..ambitions? Yea..he wanted to go to the states and pursue an education there…and there was talk that he loved another girl too, but I don’t know about that …. And who could blame him. Waquir was a strict man..after his wife passed he was really horrible to poor Sammy. Anyways…I think something happened, not sure what, but Sammy ran away. He didn’t get married to the girl his father picked for him. Instead he joined the army. His father died after 10 years, we saw him a little for the funeral and then he was gone another 5 years.” The man said nodding, sipping his third cup of tea. “Don’t know who in their right mind would stay 15 years in the army.” He shook his head. “Boy had such promise too. He was really intelligent…”

Colton could not say anything, he was surprised. His father wasn’t married! But why didn’t he ever come to Sunset Valley after leaving? Colton asked instead, “Do you know where he is?”

The man chuckled,  “Sure nuff boy! He got discharged several years ago after he hurt his knee and stays in a small house in the hills.”

“Thank you so much for your time Mr…”

“Oh, Omar Phils.”


“And what is your name young man?”

“Colton…Valenti.” He said a bit reluctantly. He wasn’t sure if news traveled fast in Al Simhara but he didn’t want Samir to know a Valenti was looking for him until he found him.

“Nice to meet you Colton. Don’t get lost now! Them hills are tricky.” Said Omar before getting caught in talking to the girl serving him a piece of pastry.

And that is just what happened to Colton. The next day he started off early, and got lost. It was dark when he returned to camp. He went to find Omar, who was (no surprise) by the cafe.


“Well hello my boy. Did you find your person?”

“Actually, no. I got lost.” They were outside and he pointed in the direction he went. “I went that way, all the way to—“

“He lives North boy! Your going South!” Omar pointed in another direction. “And its right off the path, not far.”

Colton wanted to say, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT YESTERDAY!!? But instead he said,

“Thanks…” and feigned a smile, as he walked away, grumbling at the man.

Colton had once again started out early on the third day. Samir’s abode was indeed easy to find. It was not exactly in the hills, but close to them and a lone building in the sandy area. Colton found he was jittery, his hands were shaking a little and he was having trouble knocking on the door.

He hadn’t formed exactly how he was going to tell Samir who he was or why he came. How did you tell someone something like that?

“Hello…Im Colton Valenti…Hazel’s son…your son….no.” He said running a hand through his hair as he practiced his opening line.

“Hey! You must be Samir! My mom told me about you. Crap…no.”

“I have been looking for you to ask if you would… .no no…” He was busy in his own head so he didn’t notice the door open.