Love the Hard Way

Chapter16: “…it’s a long story.” July 18, 2010

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Colton believed that finding Samir was the best thing to do for his mother at that moment.  He believed that seeing him would jolt her back into reality permanently, force her to see the present and not the past. He booked a flight to Egypt and took a picture of the man who was his father along with him.

It scared him a moment to get on the flight…he had a wave of nausea to get on the plane, but took that step for Hazel. She had given him so much, he wanted to give her her life back. He loved his mother and would do anything to see her smile and be happy once again, and if that ment traveling halfway across the world to find his estranged father..he would do it.


After a 10 hour flight, Colton had set his foot on Egyptian soil. The air was thick with perfume from the Nile and the flowers along the banks. The heat was different here, it wasn’t hot as in Sunset Valley summers, it was…perfect. Colton wasted no time, no matter how star struck he was with the giant pyramids and the beautiful scenery he passed on the way to Al Simhara village. He checked into the local hotel grounds, though it wasn’t a hotel as a camping ground. He had to rent a tent since he did not bring anything but one suitcase.

The young man began inquiring as soon as he could about one Samir Kaur.

He walked into the marketplace and was greeted with friendly shop owners trying to convince him to buy their goods. Most didn’t speak English well enough to understand what he was asking, but they did recognize the picture, but alas he did not understand their gesturing and language. The moment he was getting frustrated by the lack of communication, a mans voice called to him.

“Hey! You there!”

Colton turned around, it was a burly looking man with soft eyes that suggested in his younger days he might have been handsome.

“Yes sir?”

“I hear that you have been looking for Samir Kaur.”

“Yes..I am. Would you happen to know where he is?”

The man looked at Colton up and down, “You kinda look like him when he was your age..a little difference around the eyes only…” He said scrutinizing the young man.

Colton remained silent. After a moment the man replied,

“I do know where he is…who are you to him? A cousin? I didn’t know he had anymore relatives.”

“I am…just a friend. Could you perhaps tell me the address of where he is? I went to this address I got from a letter, but it was occupied by someone else and they didn’t know the Kaur’s.” Colton said, showing the man the envelope.

“Oh..thats cause they don’t live there anymore.  See…its a long story, lets go in the café and have a drink.”

Colton was polite even though he was eager to find out where Samir was. He sat with the man, watched him drink two cups of tea and talk nonsense before he started what they originally sat for.

“Anyways…see the thing is that Waquir, that was Samirs father. Waquir had set up an arranged marriage for the boy, but Sammy didn’t want to get married. Everyone knew the boy had…whats they call it?..ambitions? Yea..he wanted to go to the states and pursue an education there…and there was talk that he loved another girl too, but I don’t know about that …. And who could blame him. Waquir was a strict man..after his wife passed he was really horrible to poor Sammy. Anyways…I think something happened, not sure what, but Sammy ran away. He didn’t get married to the girl his father picked for him. Instead he joined the army. His father died after 10 years, we saw him a little for the funeral and then he was gone another 5 years.” The man said nodding, sipping his third cup of tea. “Don’t know who in their right mind would stay 15 years in the army.” He shook his head. “Boy had such promise too. He was really intelligent…”

Colton could not say anything, he was surprised. His father wasn’t married! But why didn’t he ever come to Sunset Valley after leaving? Colton asked instead, “Do you know where he is?”

The man chuckled,  “Sure nuff boy! He got discharged several years ago after he hurt his knee and stays in a small house in the hills.”

“Thank you so much for your time Mr…”

“Oh, Omar Phils.”


“And what is your name young man?”

“Colton…Valenti.” He said a bit reluctantly. He wasn’t sure if news traveled fast in Al Simhara but he didn’t want Samir to know a Valenti was looking for him until he found him.

“Nice to meet you Colton. Don’t get lost now! Them hills are tricky.” Said Omar before getting caught in talking to the girl serving him a piece of pastry.

And that is just what happened to Colton. The next day he started off early, and got lost. It was dark when he returned to camp. He went to find Omar, who was (no surprise) by the cafe.


“Well hello my boy. Did you find your person?”

“Actually, no. I got lost.” They were outside and he pointed in the direction he went. “I went that way, all the way to—“

“He lives North boy! Your going South!” Omar pointed in another direction. “And its right off the path, not far.”

Colton wanted to say, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT YESTERDAY!!? But instead he said,

“Thanks…” and feigned a smile, as he walked away, grumbling at the man.

Colton had once again started out early on the third day. Samir’s abode was indeed easy to find. It was not exactly in the hills, but close to them and a lone building in the sandy area. Colton found he was jittery, his hands were shaking a little and he was having trouble knocking on the door.

He hadn’t formed exactly how he was going to tell Samir who he was or why he came. How did you tell someone something like that?

“Hello…Im Colton Valenti…Hazel’s son…your son….no.” He said running a hand through his hair as he practiced his opening line.

“Hey! You must be Samir! My mom told me about you. Crap…no.”

“I have been looking for you to ask if you would… .no no…” He was busy in his own head so he didn’t notice the door open.


17 Responses to “Chapter16: “…it’s a long story.””

  1. M.J. Says:

    This is awesome. Great work with the pictures and story too. The last pictures really showed how nervous he was. And the last pic is really artistic.

  2. seaweedy Says:

    I hope he has a good reunion.

  3. Saquina Says:

    Uh, I like this chapter. Now, of course, I want to know what happens…

  4. audge2041 Says:

    Yay Colton! I loved this chapter, as usual 🙂 I can’t wait until we see Samir (well, more than just his shoes)!

  5. Rika701 Says:

    GASP! Nooo a cliffhanger! Lol can’t wait to see the next one!! : O

  6. sherry1968 Says:

    Oh, I am soooo dying to know what happens next! Poor Hazel, and poor Colton!

  7. Liddylulu Says:

    :O I am speechless your writing is amazing

  8. tipix7 Says:

    Such a suspenseful ending! Hopefully this means good news for Colton and his mum.

  9. dustydreamer Says:

    Ah! Thanks everyone! Im glad you enjoyed. ❤
    Since theres not many chapters left (tear) Ill only be posting one chapter at a time..more suspense…hehe.

    On another note, I finally got a new laptop, so Im doing my best to get all my files transferred as well as transferring the sims files from my dads computer. I hope all will go well during the process and I can get the next chapter out to you!

  10. xcin100x Says:

    Love the ending .. the cliffhanger was well written and the picture amaze me once again !! 🙂 — New Chapter, Id love to hear your comment 😉

  11. antsims3 Says:

    Amazing chapter, like ususal! Love the pictures and the writing. Especially the way you showed Colton bein nervous. Ugh. Cliffhanger, I wonder what Samir would say or even think!

    New chapter up on my blog, love to here what you think!

  12. Kayla Says:

    I just got caught up and I still am really enjoying the story and can’t wait to find out what happens next. 🙂

  13. Cin Says:

    I’m still thinking about Samir, he really is a curious character!! 😛

  14. joyness Says:

    your story is good. I wish it were a little longer. I devoured it in a matter of days. It would be interesting to see how Colton’s life continues with Anita’s and possibly his father in his life. Will he experience the same minor joy and major tragedy as Hazel. There is so much potential for an extended story or a sequel-would like to even see some of Hazel here and there. Does she find happiness? I’m a writer myself and enjoy the works of others. Your story is well written Dusty.

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Thank you! ❤ I understand what you mean by a sequel, but after reading your comment, I looked over the ending I have prepared and I really dont see the need for it. I think it answers alot of those questions and leave some tidbits to the imagination. I will however think over what you have said. ^.^ Thank you!

  15. zoxell Says:

    The pictures, as always, are amazing. I chuckled when Colton finally found Samir, then realized he didn’t know what to say.

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