Love the Hard Way

Chapter14: “We will give her the best care.” June 29, 2010

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“Hey mom…How are you today..hmm?” Colton asked softly as he entered the room.

“I had a really big test today…finals week is almost over.” He continued as he placed his book bag at the foot of the bed.

He touched her finger, one that wasn’t bandaged. It had been three days since that night. They had to give her a sedative when the ambulance came to calm her down. Now here she was, sitting in the hospital bed, staring out the window of a very sterile white room.  They had a floor for mentally disturbed patients and that’s where they placed her.

The doctor had listened to Colton when he had come in and told him that it was not safe for Hazel, she was self destructive and depressed as well as still in a state of deep shock. She had to stay in the hospital where she would undergo psychiatric help in understanding and accepting what happened, until then she had to be under their care. When Colton had asked the doctor how long it would take, the doctor shook his head. “I am unsure Mr.Valenti. Your mother needs serious attention..but you don’t need to worry, we will give her the best care.”

The hospital was all the way in SimCity as they didn’t have a ward and a specialist in Sunset Valley to take care of her. Colton would drive everyday after school into the city and stay there talking to her and doing his homework until visiting hours were done. Anita came with him some days. The doctor told them to talk to her..that it would help with snapping her back into reality.

Hazel would speak sometimes, but it was nothing that showed progress. She would talk about seeing Jenny. She would talk like she was there and that made the doctors worry that she was going backwards in stead of forward.

The days passed into weeks, and Hazel had made slight progress during her near two month stay in the hospital. It was not much but at least she showed them that she knew that the woman she loved dearly like a sister was gone with tears and sobbing when they showed her a picture. But then at times she got worse. Every day that she snapped out for a moment, a week of backtracking passed.  She would walk around talking to herself, laughing to herself. She would sometimes recognize Colton and ask him how school was. Other days she didn’t know who he was, and then there were the days when she was so silent.

Colton was emotionally drained. He never felt so helpless before. His graduation was a week away and he was confused and disoriented. Anita was his rock during this time. She went against her parents wishes and began staying with him at home more often. She would bring him food at the hospital and stayed with him on the weekends.

On the day of his graduation, Colton did not go. Sharing a tender kiss, Anita told him that she would pick up his diploma and be back at the end.

That day he sat by his mother’s side talking to her about memories they shared when he was little. The stories she told him about his first day at school and how he cried not to go. She told him that she stayed all day outside his classroom, worried that he would hate school. Instead when it was over he came running out with a goofy grin on his little face, showing her the paper heart he had made.

Of the time he had his first sleepover…or when he had experienced his first heartbreak.

Or of all the fun they had late at night staying up watching monster movies and eating junk food. She was always there for him. And now what could he do for her?

Colton didn’t realize it but he was crying as he talked, he missed them too. They were like a second family. Jenny a mother, Dennis a father he never had and Garrett..the little brother who he helped raise, who he left his friends for to take him to the park and eat an ice cream. He loved them too and he had no one to share his grief with, he found it selfish to think about his pain when his mother was lost…truth was he was lost too.


3 Responses to “Chapter14: “We will give her the best care.””

  1. saquina Says:

    Oh that’s just sad. So much burden for a teen. I can understand why he’s feeling helpless.

  2. Rika701 Says:

    GASP! 2 new chapters? How did I miss this?? I feel so sorry for Hazel. Colton too. He’s such a strong and responsible kid to be there by his mother’s side when she needs him most. I really hope Hazel snaps back into reality soon!! Also, great job on the pics as always, you really know how to capture the mood. : )

    • dustydreamer Says:

      <33 Thanks! I was hoping to capture that very somber and bleak mood/environment. And I agree, Colton is a very strong character. We will be seeing alot of him during these remaining chapters. ^^

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