Love the Hard Way

Chapter8: “Dennis Proposed!” February 24, 2010

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The weeks grew into months and Hazel had grown rather fond of Dennis. He was constantly visiting her and caring for her. Jenny and himself made it their job to take care of her. She sometimes hated the fuss from Jenny, but it was always welcomed from Dennis. She was only a month or so away from giving birth and her friends were always making sure she wasn’t doing anything strenuous.  When she would argue that painting was nothing hard they would retaliate with tales of women who were just walking down the street and their water broke. Hazel had to laugh at their ridiculous stories.

Jenny had never told Hazel her feeling for Dennis and so Hazel innocently began to fall in love with the kind man. At night she began dreaming of him and slowly, ever so slowly her heart had begun to heal. Not completely as she was reminded everyday of Samir. But it didn’t hurt as much as it did six months ago. She had prohibited herself from wondering about him and turned her attention to other things like her ever growing tummy and her plans to open her own gallery in Sunset Valley were in construction. As well as she was over seeing the new addition to the house for the baby.

It was a bright sunny day when Jenny came over rather excited. They didn’t even reach the kitchen before she blurted out “Dennis proposed!!”

To say Hazel was shocked was an understatement. If Jenny hadn’t been so distracted with jabbering and bubbling over with happiness all whilst staring at the ring on her finger, she would have noticed the shock on Hazel’s face.

When Jenny did look up at Hazel, waiting for her exclamations of congratulations, Hazel did a complete turn over and screamed along side her friend, “OH my goodness!! WOW! Congratulations Jenny!! I never even knew you guys were so close.” The last part she meant.

Jenny laughed, “I know…I know. We kinda kept the courtship to ourselves. And plus…this relationship was built over the years. I have known Dennis a long time Hazel. The first time I saw him was probably a year after you left. He was finishing up in his studies to be a doctor and I was in some of his classes.” She had a faraway look that said she was reminiscing. “I knew I loved him the moment I saw him…it was electric. It took a while to get to this…but I’m so happy Hazel! I cant even describe it. He said that he knew that I was the girl he would marry the moment he saw me.” She said giggling.

Hazel had to smile as she never saw Jenny with such radiance. Jenny was still looking at the ring on her hand adoringly when Hazel said, “Jenny, why didn’t you ever tell me?” Hurt from the secret and knowing that her newly healed heart was cracking again.

“I guess..I just never really got a chance to tell you.” She replied.

Hazel knew what she meant, that she was so caught up in her life that she never really thought it was a right time to speak about it.

Jenny saw the look on Hazels face and took her hands into her own. “I want you to plan the wedding.”

“ME!?” Exclaimed Hazel.

“Yea! Hazel, your creative and so imaginative, and I know you will make it beautiful, unlike me who would probably make it the ugliest, plainest thing ever.” She said laughing.

After some more coaxing, Hazel finally agreed.

“Listen, Dennis and I want to have the wedding after you have the baby, and after your settled.” She said nodding. After a little more conversation, Jenny left to tell Dennis the good news.

Hazel sat down in the empty kitchen, reflecting. She couldn’t be angry, why should she? The more she thought of it the more she realized that Dennis apart from being kind; never showed her any kind of love. She had to come to terms with the news and even though she was heartbroken, she had to be happy for her one true friend. Dennis was a life long love for Jenny. Her own love was under developed after hers was crushed and it was a… rebound love. Hazel covered her face with her hands; she felt the tears coming though she didn’t want them to. It was a happy day!…Then why was she feeling so miserable?


16 Responses to “Chapter8: “Dennis Proposed!””

  1. Poor Hazel again!! She needs some happiness.

  2. Rika701 Says:

    Aww everyone keeps breaking Hazel’s heart! I hope the baby will cheer her up! : (

  3. Saquina Says:

    She really doesn’t have much luck with guys now, does she?! I hope eventually she’ll find her Mr. Right though who can heal her broken heart…

  4. bean Says:

    Maybe Dennis has a friend that Hazel could date…lol

  5. Chichi Says:

    Poor Hazel. I still think she needs to go back to Egypt and talk to Samir. Or tell him to come to her.

    • dustydreamer Says:

      I know..I was conflicted as to what to do, but I think Hazel has too much pride to do that. She wants to show everyone that she doesnt need Samir, even though she silently suffers.
      But dont worry, things will be alright for Hazel. ~.^

  6. I still really like the creative layout of your pictures! This really is “Love the hard way” for Miss Hazel. The baby is coming soon!

    ps. congrats, Jenny!

  7. dustydreamer Says:

    Aww, thank you MishMush21. ^^
    Next should come out soon actually! Thank you for taking the time to read and Im glad your enjoying it! ^^

    • MushMush21 Says:

      YIPEE! I got my assistant manager reading your story too! She wants to know how soon is soon?!?! 🙂

  8. Berry Says:

    Poor Hazel cannot catch a break 😦 I still have hope that Samir will come back into her life.

    Technical tip: If you click the photo once you add it you can resize 😉 would love to see all of photo group 3.

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