Love the Hard Way

Chapter3: “Im Samir..” January 21, 2010

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As soon as Hazel stepped foot on the sandy lands of Egypt, her breath was caught in her throat. It was beautiful every where she looked. There were hills of glistening yellow sand, the pyramids stood majestically over all, powerful and mighty sat the Sphinx. Hazel was in awe at the sights, she was already down to four rolls of film after the second day.

Oh, how she wished Jenny had come! She took enough pictures though to share with her friend. Hazel snapped a photograph of one of the vendor in the marketplace selling fruit and the short bald man became furious,  screaming at her in his native tongue, whilst trying to take away her camera. Hazel was in a panic,

“No, no..please sir..I’m sorry..please, let me go!” She cried desperately.

A hand grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back and a body stepped between her and the man. A heated conversation ensued between her mysterious rescuer and the bald man. Hazel looked frightened as she watched them, clutching her camera in her hands.

The bald man walked away after sending a glare at her, and the handsome Egyptian savior turned around running a hand through his thick black hair.

“You must be careful here..Al SimHara is generally a friendly town, but sometimes you can’t stop the grouchy people from setting up shop here.” He said looking at her and smiling reassuringly.

“Thank—thank you. I was scared he would break my camera.” Hazel said letting go of a breath she didn’t know she was holding. He was intimately close and he probably sensed it too as he stepped back.

He held out his hand and said, “I’m Samir, a local seller and guide here…you are?” He asked.

“Hazel.” She said taking his hand. Samir shook it lightly before asking, “When did you arrive here?” He asked walking along side her as she made her way to the bench to collect herself.

“Um..three days ago.” Hazel said, not really meeting his eyes. Truth be told she was a little intimidated by his rugged, handsome look.She looked up slyly at him to catch him looking at her as well. He cleared his throat before saying, “Have you got yourself a tour guide?”

“Oh no..I thought I would just wing it. Rent one of those bikes and see where the road takes me.” Hazel said smiling at the thought.

“Thats a nice thought, but Id recommend a guide. There’s lots of old roads around here that can confuse you. Wouldn’t want you getting lost around here. The desert is beautiful as it is cruel.” Samir said.

Hazel looked at him and said rather shyly, “I’m staying for only two weeks, would you care to show me around?” She asked then quickly added, “I can pay of course.”

Samir waved her last statement away, “Id love to show you around. Ill get my father to take care of the shop for me. And you don’t have to pay me. Being in a lovely lady’s company is payment enough.” He said, flashing her a sweet smile. Hazel felt herself blush. “Ill meet you back here in an hour and we’ll start your tour.” He said. Hazel nodded meekly and watched him walk away. He had a very charmed way around him that came natural, made her feel very comfortable in his presence.

Hazel smiled to herself taking a snapshot of him walking away, he didn’t know it  but he already had her heart….if he wanted it.


10 Responses to “Chapter3: “Im Samir..””

  1. ginj Says:

    Nice start, Dusty! Let’s see some more of Samir.

  2. dustydreamer Says:

    Oh, Samir will leave a mark on our Hazel. XP

    And thank you <333

  3. Rika701 Says:

    Hello! : ) Another great chapter! I liked the pictures and Samir is really handsome! Can’t wait to read more.

  4. SwishStar Says:

    I enjoy the writing style. Good job!! ^^ I like.

  5. Lindsy Says:

    Samir is so cute! He looks like a realy happy person!

  6. bean Says:

    Samir is quite the lady’s man…let’s hope he isn’t the “player” type…

  7. xcin100x Says:

    Loved the trip to Egypt! And cant wait to learn more about Samiiiiiir 😛 🙂 Check out my legacy, ive got a whole new chapter posted up! 🙂

  8. zoxell Says:

    Do I sense a little snake-oil salesman in our good friend Samir?

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