Love the Hard Way

Chapter7: “I just…just cant do that.” February 24, 2010

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It was several weeks later and Hazel still didn’t talk to anyone. She had isolated herself in her little home and refused to speak to anyone who came knocking. Dennis had become massively involved in Hazel’s life and was with Jenny every time they went to visit. He was concerned for her as a doctor, she missed all her check ups since she found out she was pregnant.

After another unsuccessful attempt at knocking down her door, Jenny and Dennis had dinner at the small restaurant down the street. Jenny was distraught and didn’t even notice that Dennis had been staring at her for a while. “Jen…” He said taking her hand into his, “She needs some time and its understandable.” He said gently.

“I just don’t understands why she wont talk to me! I mean the last time I talked to her I told her she should go to Egypt, speak to Samir himself. Why would she trust anything coming from his horrendous father?” Jenny was confused and hurt that Hazel would not listen to her advise. She didn’t want her friend to worry about what ifs 20 years down the road… and now she was having his child.

She got up and began walking home, Dennis followed shortly after rushing to pay the bill. “What if Samir isn’t married at all Dennis?” Jenny rubbed her arms, the night wasn’t cold, but she felt a chill anyways. Dennis wrapped his arms across her shoulders. For a moment they walked in silence and Jenny realized just how close he was to her and how warm he felt. For a moment she forgot about Hazel and smiled to herself…she was always she wound up in Hazel’s life she never really took a hold of her own. She was happy being in the political career, but all her life was composed of was work and Hazel, Hazel and work. It felt nice to talk to someone…given her discussions were always about Hazel, Dennis didn’t seem to mind.

When they reached her house, Dennis leaned in to kiss her and they both felt those first kiss sparks. “Don’t worry so much…” He whispered lightly. He added a few loving words to the whisper that made her blush. He waved goodnight and for once Jenny went to bed thinking about something other than Hazel.


Dennis didn’t go home after he left Jenny. Instead he decided to try Hazel one more time. He was near her house when he saw her outside, by the small fish pond in front of her house. “Hazel!” He called out to her, “How are you?” He asked on the other side of the pond, not wanting to seem like he was pushing her to talk.

“Hello Dr.Albram.” Hazel said with surprising happiness.

Dennis waved his hand away, “Call me Dennis.” He said with a chuckle. “What’s going on? You’ve got Jenny worried and myself since you wont go to the appointments I made for you!” He scolded her.

Hazel frowned and nodded, “Yes..I’m sorry. I’ve got to talk to Jenny. I just needed to sort things out. And I promise that I will start going to regular doctor visits.”

Dennis stuffed his hands in his pockets, “That’s good to hear….so what did you figure out?” He asked curiously. Hazel sighed, “I’ve decided to get on with my life. I don’t want to think about Samir anymore. I’m going to raise my child myself and continue painting. I’ve had enough problems and I’m not gallivanting to Egypt to make more problems.” She said confidently.

“Jenny thinks you should- -” Dennis started off before Hazel raised her hand up to cut him off,

“I know what Jenny thinks and I just…just cant do that. I can’t go there and make Samirs life more difficult. Besides he probably is married; the last time I spoke to him I knew something was wrong. I just wish he had told me instead of his father.” She waved away the discussion.

“I don’t want to think about it anymore…it only makes my heart hurt.” She said rather softly that Dennis didn’t quite catch it. She smiled at the man after a moment of silence.

Dennis nodded, not asking anymore. “ your friends we support you in whatever choice you make Hazel.” He looked at his watch realizing that he had only a couple hours to sleep before he had to go to work. “I should get going. Have a good night Hazel.” He said waving before he turned and left. Hazel watched him walk away.

She was lying. She wanted to go to Egypt, so badly. But she stopped herself with the thought that she would make Samir pick between her and his new wife. And she didn’t want him to chose the latter…it would break her already broken heart further. So thinking that she would save herself from further injury, she stayed where she was, trying not to be bitter, but wishing that his marriage be a happy one and praying that she would forget him as easily as he may have forgotten her. She knew that last part wasn’t true, she tried to hate him, but just couldn’t…she knew in her heart of hearts that Samir had fought his best and had lost…that small thought deep under the pieces of her broken heart gave her small consolation. She rubbed her growing stomach lightly. She would give this child all her love and devotion. She just hoped that the baby didn’t look like Samir. She didn’t need a constant reminder of him everyday…oh what torture that would be.


11 Responses to “Chapter7: “I just…just cant do that.””

  1. Saquina Says:

    What a sad chapter! But I really like it… If she won’t go to Egypt, maybe her child will one day to find out the truth about it’s father… Can’t wait to read more

  2. Poor Hazel and baby!! I hope that Doctor is as nice as he seems. He may be trying to play both of the girls..

  3. Rika701 Says:

    Yay a new chapter! Poor Hazel. But I’m glad Jenny finally found someone!

  4. bean Says:

    great chapter!

  5. Jenny is so sweet, i’m glad she’s finding someone special!

    I am 99% sure the baby will look like Samhir! I’m sure Hazel will love it no matter what. Maybe Samir’s father will kick the bucket in his old cynical age, and his son will be free to visit his baby!

  6. Berry Says:

    Omb! I have been looking for this story all over! I totally lost track of it 😦 *Skitters off to read more* Love it Dusty!

  7. zoxell Says:

    Good for Dennis and Jenny! They make a good pair!

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