Love the Hard Way

Authors EndNotes October 4, 2010

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Chapter 20 was such an emotional chapter for me to write. I know many authors say that, but this really was for me, as Love the Hard Way was my first sim story. I was so scared to start this because I didnt know how it would be received compared to all the other wonderful stories out there. It turned out to be more than I expected it to be.

I would like to thank all the readers who have been with me from the very first chapter to now the end. You all have inspired me to keep writing even when I didn’t feel like it. And I really want to say thank you for sticking by me even when I took forever to get chapters up. ❤

I really enjoyed writing this story, and mostly I enjoyed the feedback.

I have been asked if I will start another sim story when I finished this. Truth be told, I actually already have. I have about five stories written, plots fleshed out, characters made..etc. I just have to decide which to pick and run with! As much as I am sad to see Love the Hard Way end, I am also relieved. If you didn’t know already, I started my last year of nursing school and it has been a struggle to get on the Sims3 and play, even the site to judge modeling competitions. Time management has been so difficult to squeeze all the things I love about the sims into. I will definitely start another simstory, but it will most likely not be right now. I think its best for me to start next year when I have graduated. I will of course be lurking on the TheSims3 website my username being DustyDreamer and you can find me most active in the modeling forum.

The creativity from sims writers are amazing and the ideas and plots are always keeping me on edge. So keep on writing and Ill keep on reading!

Once again, thank you for all the support. ❤



28 Responses to “Authors EndNotes”

  1. Saquina Says:

    Well, you have done a fantastic job with this story and I hope that you’ll get to write again… even if it is next year! Just let us know!!! 😀 I hope that your medical training goes well! Good luck!

  2. Rika701 Says:

    Ohhhh so that’s why you’re so good with that medical terminology!! Lol. And what, five stories?? That’s amazing! I wish I come come up with ideas that fast! But of course you know I’ll be looking forward to whichever story you choose to go with. Good luck in school, (even though you should be a professional writer) : )

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Well I think I exaggerated, I counted and its only 4 XP
      Love the Hard Way storyline really didnt interest me as much, sadly. It was the first thing I went with. I developed the others during this story and it propelled me to hurry up and finish Love the Hard Way cause I was so excited about the other ones!!!

      Thank you as well for reading and your encouragement. ❤ It meant alot. <33

  3. xcin100x Says:

    It’s sad to see you have to end this story, and I understand how busy you are. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be here for whenever you start writting again! With those five stories of yours, I can’t wait to read all about them ! 🙂 You’ve done a wonderful job and I’ll be waiting for when you come back 🙂


  4. jaylf Says:

    What a beautiful story. This is the kind of story telling that inspired me to do my own writing. When you write your next one I will be there.

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Im so flattered that this has propelled you, and inspired you to write! I also encourage you to leave me a link, I would love to read your story. <33

      Thank you for reading and thank you for your kind words, they are very appreciated. <33

  5. jaylf Says:

    Where did you get the tears? I have been looking all over for them.

  6. jaylf Says:

    I didn’t find any tears on lemon leaf and if I did I couldn’t find any download buttons.

  7. jaylf Says:

    Ok. found the tears but can’t find the download button. Afraid to start pushing buttons for fear I will go somewhere I don’t want to.

  8. jaylf Says:

    I downloaded shangs tears. I couldn’t find the download button for Lemonleaf tears

  9. saquina Says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I had a new idea about what to do with my legacy (instead of shutting it down completely). I’d really like your feedback on that! 😀 Thank you!

  10. blaze024 Says:

    will we get any more stories from you dusty? please say we will 🙂 if not I’m gonna be very very sad as I love you stories they are fun to read and they give the needed inspiration to write our own stories so keep it up hun and dont ever stop these stories 🙂

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Aww.. *Huggles* So sweet! ❤
      Of course I will write another. ^^ Thats a promise. Im actually thinking of giving it a go with school as I miss the sims dearly, but the more I think about the time ordeal…the more I think it best for me to put it off a bit longer. T.T

  11. blaze024 Says:

    aww well I will wait untill the next story comes out 🙂 I’m always gonna be one of your faithful readers 🙂 and truth be told I can see your sim story penned out in a big book what with that talent of yours it should be real easy for you hell maybe even a full lenght movie would be awsome and definatly something I would watch/buy on dvd 🙂

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Wow! Thanks! This really encourages me to produce stories and continue writing. When Im able to just relax I get even more stories, so Ive got a couple pages of scenarios that I need to settle on and pick when the time comes around. ^^
      As for a full length movie, thats such a warm thought, I dont know about dvd, but I certainly admire the sim movies out there! They are incredible and it gives me so much respect for the producers and voice artists, and all the time they put into it. I would love to make a sim movie based on one of my stories, but I wouldnt know where to start and my video skills are near to none. XDDD

  12. blaze024 Says:

    even so all of us loyal readers would watch it and love it as much as we love your stories 🙂 by the way I am gonna start my 2nd legacy (while putting the old one on hold) later today so when you have the time please do stop by to read 🙂

  13. Saquina Says:

    Hey, just wanted to ask, if you’re planning on making a new story some time?

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Thanks for asking! ^^ Im in the process of making characters and props/scenes/houses for the new story Im going with. Its very diverse in its tale and kinda all over the place and taking alot of work to reproduce in the sims 3. XD I am working as much as I can on it together with school which turned very demanding as Im starting clinicals in feb. The story is so far very fleshed out and I have the first 10 chapters or so, the storyline I know how itll end and such so Im not worried about the writing. But its the making of the various settings thats taking much more time.

  14. Hey,
    I started your story last year, and I guess I lost track! I just finished it, and I loved it! I almost cried at the end… I hope you do write another story, because I will absolutely read it! 🙂

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Im so happy that you found your way back and finished reading! And Im even more happy that you enjoyed it! Thank you for taking your time to comment! I will certainly update this page when I have another story out. ❤

  15. auburn101 Says:

    I just discovered your legacy, and even if I knew it was a done story, it still intrigued me. I just read up your first chapter and I got hooked right away. So, call it my guilty pleasure, but I just read every single one of your chapters :$. You’re an amazing writer no doubt. The emotions were really put through nicely. Having read the whole story one shot, it’s kind’ve sad to see it at it’s end, even if I knew it in advance. I understand if you don’t do any new creations, however, I really hope you do. Your stories are worth being read 😉 Please, let me know if you are going to do something new.
    I don’t know if you’re still interested in blogs and such, but I have a legacy of my own. Auburn Legacy. If you’re interested, here’s the link to check it out.
    Wonderful story, I hope you create something new, soon!
    Happy Holidays xoxo-

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Hey there Auburn! Thanks for reading! And all in one shot, thats makes me all fuzzy inside. ❤ Thank you a million and one times for giving this story a shot and taking the time to read, so much appreciation on my end. <333

      I have started a new story; Midnight Blood:
      Very recently actually! :}

      And I will of course check out your legacy!! Im always interested in new stories, legacies, challenge stories, etc.

      Thank you so much once again for reading! ❤

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