Love the Hard Way

Chapter5: “Are you alright?!” February 9, 2010

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Three months had passed since those faithful days under the Egyptian sun and stars. It had been awhile since she had spoken to Samir…but she dared not call him as the only phone was in his father office. He called when he could but the last time he sounded so utterly sad that it worried her. He reassured her that nothing was wrong that he couldn’t handle and that she should expect him in Sunset Valley in a months time. She awaited, her heart full with hope of a bright future with Samir.

Since returning from Egypt, she had filled Jenny in on everything and her friend could not be happier, and teasing ensued about wedding bells.  Jenny saw such a profound change in Hazel that she found herself smiling from ear to ear when watching her friend. She was excited to meet the man who had captured her Zelly’s heart, for he had to pass her standards as Hazel was more closer to her than a sister would be if she had one.

Hazel had gotten her life back on track. Since moving from the city she hadn’t been up to advertising her art works, now she had gotten a spot in the towns art museum and was very well received by the art community. She was working hard, her inspiration sprang from her heart…and from Samir. She had found her spirit once again.


It was a Saturday morning when she was painting, music pulsating through the house, a little dancing occurred as well…and suddenly she felt dizzy. Everything turned upside down and she felt a sharp pain, nausea crippled her as the paintbrush she held dropped to the floor, she clutched her stomach in pain.  She used the painting easel to steady herself or else she would of collapsed.

Hazel took several deep breaths, trying to clear her head, reaching for the remote she turned off the stereo, breathing deeply again. She was able to walk after a couple minutes. She figured she was hungry and settled on having  some breakfast…it was not 20 minutes later before she found herself rushing to the sink, emptying the contents of her stomach. Fearing she had caught a virus of some sort, she called a taxi and headed to the hospital.

The car ride did nothing, in fact it added to her nausea and as soon as she left the car she threw up what little was left in her. She fell to the ground, weak and light headed.
“Miss!? Miss?! Are you alright?!” A voice called to her, the last thing she remembered was  hands reaching towards her, her body was lifted and she fell into a dizzying darkness.

Hazel awoke in an all white room, there was minimal lighting and as she looked to her left she saw the dark skies of night through a large window. She began to panic as she didn’t know where she was,  she sat up on the edge of the bed, the door opened and a man walked into the room, “I see your up! Very good… Your in the hospital Ms.Valenti. You fainted when you got out of the cab and I brought you in. My name is Dr. Dennis Albram.” He said helping Hazel to lay back down on the bed, propping her up with some pillows.
She thought for a minute, realizing just what a splitting headache she had. “That’s right..I’m sorry. I just remember getting to the hospital, after that…. its a blur.” She looked up at the man she had seen at the museum a lot and thanked him more than once for his kindness.
“Its alright…” He said laughing, “No need to thank me, I work here, just got off my shift actually. I was outside when I saw you.” He said smiling.
Hazel returned his smile. Dennis pulled up a chair and sat down, holding her hand.
“Please, call me Hazel.”
“Hazel, I don’t know if this will be shocking, but you are pregnant.” He said looking at her expression as it changed from that pleasant smile to pure astonishment, her eyes wide with such surprise he actually thought she might faint again.
“Wha–? How!? Im on birth control… How far?”
“Three months.” Dennis said, rubbing her hand for comfort. “Sometimes birth control pills don’t always work, maybe you don’t realize you missed a happens. Is there anyone that I can call to come pick you up, if not I can take you home myself.” He said.

Hazel barely got the words out of her mouth to say Jenny Dulharm, she didn’t know whether to be happy or scared. She thought of Samir and felt herself smile, and knew that she wasn’t scared…instead she felt warm all over. “Can you call her?” She handed Dennis her phone, when his back was turned she couldn’t help but laugh a little, her hands caressing her stomach.
Dennis noticed the changed and sighed relief that she was over the shock and happy. He was always saddened when news of such happiness was not met with a smile. He took the call outside leaving Hazel to her new found discovery.


7 Responses to “Chapter5: “Are you alright?!””

  1. Tessa Says:

    Awww! Samir shall live on!! I hope they get to tell him though… That would be really bad if they didn’t…

  2. Chichi Says:

    Yay! There kid will be so beautiful!

  3. Rika701 Says:

    I’m so happy for Hazel! This story is getting very interesting!

  4. bean Says:

    aww…very sweet! Well, if things don’t work out with Samir, there’s always the Dr. … lol

  5. zoxell Says:

    Heh, that was a nice curveball you threw there. I really didn’t expect that! Something tells me that Samir will have a tough time getting out of Egypt, though.

  6. xcin100x Says:

    Im happy for Hazel and i really hope things work out with Samir. Hopefully he’ll be able to get out of Egypt soon enough 🙂

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