Love the Hard Way

Chapter6: All she could do was hold her… February 12, 2010

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Jenny drove the rest of the way home, listening to the excited chatter of her friend. When Hazel told her the news of her pregnancy, she was more afraid for her friend, but to see her happiness she knew that it wouldn’t be long before Hazel was married.
She had exchanged pleasant smiles from Dr.Albram. She had met him on many occasions, mostly when she had to do political work at the hospital, and she had invited him to Hazel’s gallery shows. They knew each other before Hazel had come to town  and she was quite smitten with him. She however neglected to let her friend in on this tidbit in the blurry of events happening.
Hazel was so excited that she didn’t manage to reach the  front door before turning to Jenny,
“I should call him…shouldn’t I?  To hell with his father answering the phone, if he does Ill simply ask to talk to Samir…” Hazel looked at her friend with anticipation and confidence, “Right?”
Jenny nodded, “Yes, yes, I think you should!” She agreed.

Hazel walked out further, the night sky over her and dialed the number eagerly, the phone rang five times before someone answered.
The man had a thick Egyptian accent. He was serious as he said, “Hello?” Hazel froze, confidence slipping away slightly, almost not wanting to speak as she realized it was his father, Waquir Kaur. Jenny stood by Hazel and seeing her reluctance, urged her on, “Samir…ask to speak to him!” She mouth silently.
“Er…Hello…May I please speak to Samir.” She said.
“Who is this? What you want to talk to Samir for?” He asked, his English a little muddled,
“This is Hazel Valenti…I have some important news to tell him..Please..I really need to speak with him.”
“No no no, you no speak to Samir now. He not talking to you no more.”
“I’m sorry Sir, but I really need to –”
“You don’t understand yet! Stubborn, stupid girl. Samir is–”

Hazel cut him off feeling angry at the man that Samir himself hated. She could see why; he was impatient, rude and had little regard for what he said.
“Listen, I need to speak to Samir, He is going to be a father and I need to talk to him!”
The man was a silent for a bit on the other end, then he said, “I don’t care if you are with child… and neither will Samir. He is married now! You understand? You don’t bother him no more! He is married. Don’t call back again.” The phone on the other end clicked shut and all that was left was the buzzing silence of the long distance phone call. Hazel paled in complexion, she stared at the phone in her hand, numb and confused.  Jenny had her hands on her shoulders, shaking her, “Hazel!? Hazel! What happened? What did he say?!” Jenny asked, fearing that harm had come to Samir.
The phone slipped from Hazels fingers, her gaze slowly met Jennys. Her eyes were glossy with unshed tears as the realization of Mr.Kaur’s words hadn’t hit home yet…it was a dream..wasn’t it?

Jenny shook her away, “Tell me Hazel, what happen? Is he alright? Is he–”
“He’s married.” She managed to whisper, it was so faint that Jenny barely caught it, her eye widening, “Wha-”
She was interrupted as Hazel broke into a sob…saying it out loud broke the dream feeling. The night that looked so alive and colorful to her a moment ago was now cold, silent, dark…shadows loomed more deeply to her. Her world was shattered in a mere second and she was left alone with nothing to cling to.

She was in shock still and couldn’t make out words properly as she tried to tell Jenny the conversation, she choked on the volatile words as they spilled in short sentences. Her heart hurt and her eyes stung. Hot tears spilled down her cheeks as she sobbed into her hands. Her legs trembled as Jenny reached out for her. She didn’t know what to say, didn’t know how to comfort her, all she could do was hold her, tears burning her own eyes. “Oh no…no no…”


14 Responses to “Chapter6: All she could do was hold her…”

  1. Rika701 Says:

    Oh nooo! Poor Hazel : (

  2. Saquina Says:

    I just read your story and I feel so sorry for Hazel… Almost cried with her! You’re a good writer! 😀

  3. Chichi Says:

    I think Hazel needs to go back to Egypt and get Samir back!

  4. Poor Hazel. :_(

    I just read your story. Great job. I’m going to add your story onto my list of favorites on my page. You should check out my page when you have a minute.

  5. Tessa Says:

    Why!?!?!?!? I sooooo agree with Chichi, Hazel needs to fight for her man!

  6. Chichi Says:

    I added a new chapter to the Ashemore Legacy!

  7. iamberry2 Says:

    awww How sad! Can’t wait to see what Hazel does next!

  8. bean Says:

    poor Hazel T_T

  9. carebear728 Says:

    Oh nooo

  10. zoxell Says:

    I do feel bad for Hazel …but I suspect there is more to our good friend Samir than any of us are conting on.

  11. xcin100x Says:

    Poor Hazel, having to put through all this, i hope things turn out good with Samir, Hazel deserves a good man 🙂

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