Love the Hard Way

Chapter10: “By the power vested in me…” March 22, 2010

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The following months were a blur for Hazel. Colton was growing up fast. It seemed like just yesterday when she was in the hospital holding him for the first time. Now he was walking around, talking and giggling. She watched him as she sat at the table drinking her morning tea. It was a big day…Jenny and Dennis’s wedding.

It  took a while to happen actually. After Colton was born everyone became busy, she with raising Colton and taking care of her gallery, Jenny had been promoted shortly after and was running campaigns, and Dennis had finished his exams and was now a full fledged pediatrics doctor, in fact he was Coltons doctor now.

When it seemed that life was slowing down and getting into a regular pace, Hazel and Jenny both sat down and planned out the details. Jenny had left much of the bulk of decorations up to Hazel, while she fussed over her dress and the who to invite.  Jenny’s choice has always been a beach side wedding…and Hazel had made it come true.

She reserved a private beach across the city and made  up the wedding scheme with the colors pink, red and white. There was a live pianist and the food was all catered, the blue sky sparkled in the sunshine and the wind blew gently, ruffling the table decorations and the flowers. Everything was ready…


Hazel dabbed at the tears in her eyes as she watched Jenny walk down the aisle, Colton was in her arms as she smiled at her friend. Jenny looked radiant, the wedding dress didn’t add to her beauty, it complimented it, everything were just compliments to her smile. Dennis stood at the alter looking dapper in his tuxedo, the look on his face was priceless, the awe at the woman he was about to marry was enough to tell anyone that those two really were in love.

Hazel watched the ceremony through teary eyes until those final words,

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!”

As they kissed, everyone  seated stood and applauded. It was a beautiful ceremony, a beautiful day as well. The pianist left the piano and turned on the stereo, music pounded and everyone moved to congratulate the new couple before heading to eat and begin the reception festivities.

Hazel let Colton wander around, laughing as he began to dance his own dance.

Jenny pulled her aside and hugged her tightly, her voice filled with emotion,

“Hazel..this is…this is more beautiful than I imagined it could be. The flowers…everything is so beautiful..thank you..this wouldn’t of been possible without you..” She said tears filling her eyes.

“Oh Jenny, stop it. You know this deserves no thanks, I love you more than anything. I don’t know how I could ever get through anything without you by my side. I am proud to say you are more than my friend, you are my sister. Im glad that this wedding was what you wanted.” Hazel said with equal amount of emotion in her voice. It was a tear fest that Dennis interrupted,

“Hey, hey! Whats going on here!! No crying girls! It’s a wonderful day!!” He said picking up Jenny and swinging her around before he got tangled in her train and nearly fell.

Hazel laughed with them and smiled as she watched them lovingly,

“Lets get this party started…” She said aiming at the weak amount of dancers .

Jenny laughed and grabbed her hand as well as her new husbands, “Lets show em how its done!”


43 Responses to “Chapter10: “By the power vested in me…””

  1. Saquina Says:

    This wedding was just beautiful! Jenny is a gorgeous bride and Hazel did really well with the decorations! 😀

    • Saquina Says:

      Are they going to go to Egypt for their honeymoon? Maybe they could find out what happened to Samir… Although, it’s their honeymoon, they probably have other things on their minds! 😛

      • dustydreamer Says:

        Lolz, XD

        Thank you for your comment and reading! I had a lot of fun actually with the wedding, though the guests were antsy and wouldnt sit still. T.T
        Even the dang priest had ants in his pants. XD

        Youll just have to wait and seeeee….though I will tell you that there is only a handful of chapters left…I didnt realize how close to the end I was until I published this chapter.

      • Saquina Says:

        Oh no, the story’s really coming to an end? This is one of the few really good stories and I shall miss it when it’s gone…

  2. Rika701 Says:

    Awww. I can’t say it enough, you take such gorgeous pictures! The wedding was beautiful and so was Jenny. Another great chapter! : )

  3. tipix7 Says:

    Probably the most beautiful sim wedding I’ve ever seen recorded. Amazing shots, looks like Jenny had a very happy beginning to her married life 🙂

  4. dustydreamer Says:

    Rika: Thanks! ❤

    Tipix7: Aww, thank you! I had a lot of fun making the wedding. ^^

    Saquina: Aww…thats really sweet of you to say. ❤ But dont worry, I have a new story festering in Microsoft word…just needs pictures to go with it. Difference is that it is a horror story. 🙂
    Hopefully it will receive the same amount of love this story has received! ^^

  5. Kayla Says:

    Great beautiful wedding! Hope my pictures for my new story turn out this well.. 🙂 My vampire/witch story is almost ready for publishing.

  6. Tessa Says:

    That wedding was gorgeous! You did an amazing job! I’m really sad that it’s coming to an end 😦

  7. Chichi Says:

    The wedding was so beautiful! And I love Jenny’s dress. I will have another chapter of my legacy up by 6 PM tonight so be sure to check it out!

  8. Chichi Says:

    Hey dusty, I just wanted to let you know I finally have another chapter of my legacy up.

  9. xcin100x Says:

    Omg ! not only is your story line great, but your pics are amaziiiing !! That wedding is the best weddings i’ve ever seen done in the sims 3 like for real .. You can check out my legacy at You can add me to your blogroll if you’d like 🙂

  10. Gique Says:

    Your screencaps are just the best! What a beautiful wedding!


  11. seaweedy Says:

    I enjoy the layout of your blog/story, it is quite different and the wedding scenes were enchanting.

  12. dustydreamer Says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback! I am touched you all enjoyed the wedding photos and story.
    Ill be sure to check out your legacies/stories as well.

    Thank you for reading! <33

  13. StarSarah Says:

    Phew just finished reading your whole legacy and caught up. I have to say i LOVE LOVE LOVE – especially this last chapter with the wedding. The pics and story are amazing!

    Can you please check mine out:


  14. Chichi Says:

    Hey dusty, When is the next chapter gonna be up? Im so excited for it.

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Funny you ask! Ive actually been stuck with where I should go with this as I had 3 different endings. >.0
      Inspiration finally struck and I wrote almost all the chapters last night, the last ones are fleshed out.
      So the next chapter will be up tomorrow and the others should follow steadily! <333

  15. antsims3 Says:

    Hi dusty, I just found your blog and I caught up with it. It is great!! 😀 I love your story lines and the pics are amazing! The wedding is really beautiful, I could never pull a wedding like that off in the game.

    Can you check out my legacy blog? Please, and I will link your legacy to mine, if you want to do the same it will be greatly appreciated!!

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Hey Antsims3! Thank you for reading and commenting! The wedding took a long time. XD The guests were an antsy bunch to deal with. >.o So Im glad it is so well received. ^^

      I will definitely check out your blog! Thank you for linking! <33

  16. antsims3 Says:

    hey dusty, me again, for some reason my name linked you to my old blog. My legacy blog is:

  17. Mark Says:

    hi dusty, just want to say that I LOVE IT. love the whole wedding pics and the dress. Btw where did you get the dress, and can you check my blog out plz.


  18. blaze024 Says:

    wow is all I can say your legacy has left me speachless especially this last chapter

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Aww, thank you for taking the time to read! ❤ I am glad you enjoyed. <33

      • blaze024 Says:

        taking the time to read? hun not reading a story like this should be considered a capital offence lol in other words this is the kind of story that should be read and you should get an award just for telling it 😉

      • dustydreamer Says:

        <33 That is a really touching compliment. Thank you Thank you so much for your kind words, they really encourage me to write and set the inspiration meter working. <33

  19. Newspreitlerfamilylegacy Says:

    hi dustydreamer, i just wanted to ask you if you could add my blog to yours.


  20. newspreitlerfamilylegacy Says:

    love the wedding set, when gen 4 wedding happens on my legacy, there will be such a huge surprise that no one will know what happened

  21. imsda Says:

    I adore your story, and I’ve already added your blog to my links! If you could find the time, I just created a legacy myself, so could you check mine out, and if you like it, link to it as well? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    Here’s the link:

  22. carebear728 Says:

    the most beautiful wedding I had ever seen

  23. Berry Says:

    Gorgeous wedding! I loved all the flowers and her dress was just beautiful. Amazing photos Dusty!

  24. zoxell Says:

    I’m not sure which is better, your writing style, or your imagery. The wedding was absolutely amazing. Bravo!

  25. liddylulu Says:

    where oh where did you find you wedding things

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Hmm…The chairs and tables I got from TSR..
      The wedding dress is from LorandiaSims3,
      Anything else, I dont remember. T.T
      I know the Piano is easy to find on Sims3Blog/TSR. And the champagne glasses, box and deco were found on Sims3Blog too..random searching really. XD Theres alot of wonderful wedding stuff out there besides these if your looking! ^^

  26. liddylulu Says:

    where were the flowers from

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