Love the Hard Way

Chapter15: “My Dear Samir” June 29, 2010

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(Note: Since Colton and Anita are now going to college, I found it appropriate to have them age up. I found Anita to be a beautiful sim! For an in game birth character.. ^^)

Summer vacation had started for Colton and Anita. He was to be preparing for dorm life that summer. Anita was going to the same college as him so they were suppose to prepare together, with his mother helping him. But that all changed. Here he was, June 20th, sitting with his mother in a hospital.

The sun was beginning to set and he knew it was time to leave, it had been an eventful day, she had exhibited signs of regret and she was scared when she woke that morning. She kept holding his hand and crying. Gently kissing her cheek he whispered goodbye to Hazel and left, glancing behind to see that she had not moved from her spot at the window, or changed her gaze. He sighed and ran a hand through his thick black hair.

At home Colton was alone once again. Anita’s parents had put their foot down, even though she was 18, and even though they expressed their condolences towards Hazel, they wanted their daughter preparing for college. So Colton hadn’t seen her lately, and agreed that she should not forgo preparations for college. Anita called him every night however. She was more concerned about him than college and cared enough about him to drop it all if he allowed her to. She hated to leave him alone. Even though they were still  very young, they had found a much needed love in each other.

Colton was cleaning his mothers room, putting away her paintbrushes and wiping paint drops off the floor, covering up her unfinished works in progress and finally making her bed. He had left her room the same way since the first night she went into the hospital, he didn’t want to touch anything, and couldn’t bring himself to.  He was putting away some of her clothes that he had washed and a wooden little box caught his attention. It was in her wardrobe on the top shelf. Colton took the box down. It was not dusty, and was not even locked properly. He opened the box to see a tray with all sorts of little trinkets, under was a stack of letters and photos yellowed over the eighteen years.  He knew who it was immediately, it was his father. The man in the pictures, smiling and kissing his laughing mother had the same black hair as him and lips. Colton opened the letters and read the love that this man, Samir Kaur had written to his mother. He hated to find out about him this way as his mother didn’t talk about his father at all, only that he lived in Egypt and was a good person, but it was too late to put it back now.

The last letter was a letter written by his mother to Samir. It was unopened and on the front it said in big red letters ‘Return to Sender’. He opened the sealed letter and read;

My Dear Samir,

My heart is breaking and there is nothing I can do anymore about it, I cant keep it to myself, I cant just be silent and let you live in peace…no matter how much I want to. I called your father and I have a feeling that he will not tell you anything, so I take it upon myself to deliver the news..that is if he will even give you my letter. He told me that you were…married. I just wish you would of told me…would of called me, tell me what was going on, I knew something was wrong the last time you called me, I heard it in your voice….. I felt like the world was crashing down around me Samir when he told me…. I would not have bothered you and your new life but I felt that it is your right to know that you have a son. He is beautiful Samir, and even though everyone says he looks like me, I see you in him. He was born 7lbs 3oz three days ago, his name is Colton. I look at him and I cant go on without you knowing that you have a child somewhere in the world. I do not want anything from you, you do not have any obligations towards him or me. You don’t even have to write back to me. I just needed to you to know, it settles my heart. Colton has taken your place and holding him in my arms makes my broken heart sing. I will always love you Samir and I will always remember you.

Goodbye, Hazel


Colton sat down on the bed, a little shocked at the revelation of why he never had a father. But this letter, this letter was never delivered to him. It was sent back. Colton folded the letters and placed then gently back into the box. He sat there for a long time, thinking.

An hour of silent thoughts passed before he retrieved the undelivered letter from the box and called Anita.

“Anita..I need you to check in after my mom for a couple days.” He said calmly, clicking around on the computer as he spoke.

“Why? Whats wrong?” The delicate voice on the other end asked.

“Im going to find Samir…my father…”


16 Responses to “Chapter15: “My Dear Samir””

  1. seaweedy Says:

    I wish Colton luck on his quest.

  2. saquina Says:

    Uh, I hope he’ll find him. I wonder how Samir’ll act though, once he finds out about his son. Maybe he’ll come to Hazel’s rescue! 🙂 Can’t wait for the next update!!!

  3. audge2041 Says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for Samir to come back into the picture 🙂

  4. Loveeedd the new chapters! Poor kiddo, he is in such a dilemma! I really hope he finds his dad, and he comes back to help Hazel and stuff ❤

  5. antsims3 Says:

    great new updates. I guess everything went well with getting your sims back! 😀 I hope Colton can find his father in Egypt, 18 years later. It would be great if Samir comes back and wakes Hazel from her trauma.

  6. Rika701 Says:

    I’m so excited!! I really hope Colton gets to meet his father. This is getting interesting!! : O

  7. Liddylulu Says:

    I Know!!!

  8. tipix7 Says:

    Finally Samir’s return! I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  9. Liddylulu Says:

    When is the next chapter or are you having issues again???

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Next chapter is coming soon, I promise! ❤ I am not having trouble with the game thank goodness, but I am in the medical school and its my last year (2011 graduate!!!!) XD So Ive been busy with checking out things at my college and guidance counselor meetings and paying tuition and getting books and class schedules whatnot that I havent had too much time available to me. I am getting the bulk of it out this week so I hope I can get the screenies I need for 16 today, and post before the weekend. ^^

      Thank you all for your patience and dedication!! <33

      • zoxell Says:

        Wow Fantastic! Congrats on surviving Medical School. I have always admired the unbelievable memory doctors possess. I can barely remember how to spell my own name some days…

  10. Liddylulu Says:

    oh it’s fine don’t strain yourself I was just wondering ^.^ Good Luck with your medical school you brainiac xP

  11. zoxell Says:

    Both Colton and Anita have been amazing through Hazel’s ordeal. Colton’s maturity has really been the focal point of the story, and it will be very cool to see if that maturity stays intact when he finds his father.

    I can only hope that Hazel makes some progress with her illness. So sad to see her in this condition. Perhaps Samir will be a man and help Hazel through her problems?

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