Love the Hard Way

Chapter11: “Guess What!?!” May 7, 2010

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17 years later

“I cant wait to see you Jenny! You don’t know how much I have missed you!” Replied an excited Hazel.

“We will be there next week on the 13th right in time for your birthday. Garrett is so excited too, he has been collecting things for you and Colton.” Jenny replied. The reception wasn’t too bad but it was a little grumbled.

“So, its permanent right? You guys are coming back for good?”

“Yes yes! 5 years is a long time away from Sunset Valley.” Jenny said.

“This is so wonderful! I cant wait to tell Colton when he gets home. He will be so happy to know you guys will be here for his graduation! Can you believe it, 3 more months and he will be finished…” Hazel sighed. “I have so much to talk to you about Jen.” She said longingly.

“I know, I know Zelly. Don’t worry, just a couple more days! We will—Hold on..”

She was gone for a few seconds, “Oh darling Ive got to get off the phone, there’s a line of people here waiting to use it.” She laughed as someone said something behind her.

“Alright alright! Bye bye Jenny!!”

“Bye Hazel!” The line clicked off as Hazel placed the receiver on the table.

She sat down on the sofa smiling to herself. Five years ago, Dennis, Jenny and their 12 year old son Garrett had left to do charity work in Africa. It was mostly Dennis who needed to go and help with the under developed clinics that had opened for children. Jenny and Garrett went along because they didn’t want to be apart as a family. Initially they were suppose to stay only a year or so, but circumstances and needy children without any healthcare kept them longer.

There had been plenty of letters and phone calls, but nothing was nicer than sitting and chatting with her best friend over a cup of coffee.

Hazel jumped up, she had to start making the plans! They were coming back just in time for her 39th birthday party and she would make sure it was a big one with all their friends.

The past 17 years had been very good to Hazel and her son.

Hazel was a well accomplished artist with six galleries in SimCity featuring her work.

Colton on the other hand was a handsome boy who without his mothers strong support and will would of gone down the path of being a bad lady’s man. But Hazel set him straight as soon as she saw the little girls lining up outside for him. He was a straight A student who had gotten a scholarship to play soccer in an Ivy League college far from Sunset Valley. Hazel was not worried about him living on his own in a couple months, she just feared she would miss him too much. That’s why having Jenny near made her so happy, it would soften the blow of losing Colton to college.

It was Colton that walked through the door at 5pm, he had brought home with him his girlfriend of 2 years, Anita FeinBurg. She was a sweet girl that Hazel had liked better than all his previous love interests.

He was barely through the door when Hazel grabbed him into a hug.

“Guess what!?!” She exclaimed, and before he could get a word in edge wise she replied, “They are coming back! Jenny, Dennis and Garrett are coming back next week…on my birthday! You have got to help me plan the party, you too Anita. Its going to be wonderful.” She went off, talking to herself mostly as she sat back down at the kitchen table, writing down errands she needed to run for the party.

Colton looked at Anita and laughed. “I don’t think you’ve ever met Jenny. Shes my moms best friend. They are closer than sisters. I consider her my second mom actually.” He said nodding.

“I cant wait to meet her then! Your mom seems so excited!” Anita replied.

Colton chuckled, “Yea..they haven’t seen each other for five years, so its bound to be a really huge reunion between them.”

Anita joined Hazel at the table, the two chatting about all the decorations while Colton threw  snacks together in a bowl and got soda out for them. He could tell that until they arrived the following days would be filled with eagerness and nonstop chatter from his mom.


6 Responses to “Chapter11: “Guess What!?!””

  1. Saquina Says:

    Wow, 17 years later?! They must have lot’s of stuff to talk about, not having seen each other for 5 years and such… Good to see that Colton is doing so well. 🙂

    • dustydreamer Says:

      I thought it would be boring to catalog the growth of Colton. XD So BAM! 17 years later!

      Colton is actually a ladys man in the game. He is always bringing girls home and sneaking out to meet girls. o.0

  2. Rika701 Says:

    Aww Colton is all grown up with a girlfriend lol. It’s great to see that Hazel is having a happy life! : )

  3. antsims3 Says:

    WOW. 17 years, very creative! 😀 Colton is all grown up and his girlfriend is very cute. Can’t wait for the reunion.

  4. Berry Says:

    Anita is just lovely and Colton is so handsome. ;D

  5. zoxell Says:

    Whoa! So Hazel has been raising Colton on her own all this time? Looks like she’s done a great job though! Anita is really an attractive sim! You GO, Colton!! WOOT! lol

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