Love the Hard Way

Chapter12: “Happy Birthday Mom…” May 7, 2010

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The next week was difficult for Hazel to sit still with. She was so excited and it showed. The party was all set and Colton was the one who decided that it should be more intimate than huge. Only them and a couple of close friends, make it more personal. And when Hazel got over her excitement she thought it was a brilliant idea. So instead of renting a hall like she originally intended to do, the party was held at her house.

Hazel had received a phone call the night before from Dennis letting her know that they were getting on the plane and would reach there at 4pm in the afternoon. It was 2pm and guests had already started arriving.Hazel was chatting with guests when someone tapped her on the shoulder, it was Colton.

“Oh, Colt! You look so handsome darling.” Hazel replied as he hugged her.

“Happy Birthday Mom, you look beautiful today.” He said.

“Happy Birthday Ms.Valenti!” Anita said as well before presenting something she had behind her back. It was a long thin box wrapped with purple velvet wrapping paper.

Colton spoke, “Anita and I decided to get you a little something.” Before Hazel could protest he said, “I know, I know no one was suppose to get you anything. But I felt that this was right..” He said. Hazel silently took the delicate box and lifted the lid. She had a moment of remembrance from when Colton was little and the first present he had made for her in school, a paper heart, she still had it. Cushioned in the box between a soft purple cloth was a paintbrush. It was old and the bristles were paint stained though clean of paint. On the handle was the name, Peter Savanti. Hazel gasped as she touched the delicate thing, “Colton! You didn’t!” She said looking up.

Colton smiled slyly, “You had told me that he was the person who made you start to draw, grandma had given you an artbook  for your 10th birthday and it was his work that captivated you. Anita had saw an auction for some of his things.  And we won it for you.” He said.

“Oh you guys…this must have been really expensive!” She gushed as she pulled them both into a hug, “Thank you, thank you…this is something Ive really wanted…” She said, she felt like tears were coming.

“Mom..dont cry!” said Colton, Hazel laughed as she carefully closed the box, “I know, I know! I wont.” She said. “You kids are just wonderful…” She said smiling as she kissed each on the cheek.

The time passed by with idle chatter and laughs and when Hazel checked her watch it was 6 already.

“Why don’t you call the airline? Maybe their plane is late.” Anita suggested.Hazel nodded and excused herself from the guests. Colton left with her as well. The phone rang on the other end steadily before a man picked up. He seemed in a hurry.

“Hello Hello, SimCity airlines, how can I help you?” He asked

“Hi, um..My name is Hazel Valenti. Im calling to check on Flight 187 from Africa to SimCity Airport. They were suppose to—“

The man cut her off, “Im sorry to tell you this ma’am but that flight met with a crash about half and hour ago. We are overrun by the police over here, they are investigating what happened. We have word that there are no survivors …Im sorry ma’am. There were—“

Hazel felt herself grow cold, she was in shock at what she just heard, did he say that there was no survivors?

Colton was shaking her, “Mom?? Whats wrong? What did he say??”


15 Responses to “Chapter12: “Happy Birthday Mom…””

  1. i just came across your sotry on the sims 3 forum and oh my goodness! i’m in love with it! lol. you’re a very talented writer and i love the way you organize your pictures. 🙂

    no survivors?? oh no! hazel can’t seem to catch a break can she? has she got the unlucky trait? 😉

  2. seaweedy Says:

    I’m so sorry this family is being faced with tragedy.

  3. Kayla Says:

    OH NO……..

    Update again soon… don’t wait so long… 🙂 I’m all wondering and upset now.. :_(

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Hehe.. I wont be so long. ~.^ Ill be updating weekly or even faster than that since I have all the chapters finished. Just need to take the piccies. <33

  4. Saquina Says:

    That’s horrible! First she lost her one true love and it took her forever to recover from that. How is she supposed to recover from the loss of her best friend with whom she was closer than to a sister?! I hope that they survived, somehow…

  5. Rika701 Says:

    Oh noooo!!! Seriously?!?! : ( : (

  6. Gique Says:

    Oh no, that’s not good news ;_;

  7. Chichi Says:

    Oh god! Their dead!?!?!?

  8. antsims3 Says:

    OH NO. that is not good. I have a new chapter up on my legacy blog!

  9. xcin100x Says:

    Poor Hazel, its a big hit for her. I enjoy reading this legacy, and those pictures are simply amazing. (i really liked the one with the tear drop!!!!)

  10. carebear728 Says:

    No no they had to survive!!!

  11. tipix7 Says:

    Shame, I wonder what’s going to happen next.

  12. Berry Says:

    OMB NO 😦

  13. zoxell Says:

    Oh man, talk about a sucker-punch! Poor Hazel! On her birthday no less!!

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