Love the Hard Way

Chapter2: Jenny was right. January 20, 2010

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Jenny regularly visited Hazel after work. They hung out, went to the movies, ate out at the diner and she was glad to see a smile returning on her friends face every now and then. She was glad to see her getting enough sleep and food. As well as seeing her out and about, not shut away in that house. She was actually thinking of advising Hazel of selling the land and buying another. But that would have to wait for another day when she was healed completely, and able to speak about her mom without tears  filling her eyes.

Both girls had went to see a music concert, Hazel waved goodbye to Jenny as she drove off. The keys jingled as she opened the door.  She made herself some tea and thought to herself, she wanted to do it. Jenny was right, she needed to take a nice vacation. Go somewhere far away and rejuvenate herself. She became self criticizing, she had indeed been reclusive, Jenny was right.

Hazel went online, searching for a next day flight to Egypt. She called Jenny and let her know, excitement creeping into her voice as she packed. Jenny squealed with delight over the phone and thanked goodness in her mind that Hazel was picking herself up. She was proud of her.

That morning was filled with excitement and anticipation..something Hazel hadn’t felt in a good eight months. She took her seat on the flight and watched the clouds surround the plane, surrendering to a sweet dream, it was a peaceful flight over and she did not wake until their descent was announced by the captain. Hazel eagerly looked out her tiny window at the clouds parting way, slowing, the brown desert sand came into view. She felt light hearted and for once since her mom died she felt alive.


11 Responses to “Chapter2: Jenny was right.”

  1. Aww, yay! i bet she sees tiny camels from the plane.

  2. Chichi Says:

    Great pictures! I love your story. You are soooo going on my blogrole!

  3. Lindsy Says:

    how do you get your photos like that?

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Do you mean like the collage sort of thing?
      I tend to take alot of pictures from different angles and then in my editing program and using irfanview, I cut them out, parts that I like, for example the first picture, I had a picture of her facing forward looking at the computer, and cut that out and gave a shot of her at the computer, from the back. I like showing different emotions in one frame, like looking confused, to happy, and I like putting a couple pictures in one frame to express what my character is going through fully. ^^
      I hope that answers what you were asking!

      Thank you for reading as well!! ^^

  4. bean Says:

    wonderful story line and lovely photos. I hope Hazel finds love in Egypt.

  5. xcin100x Says:

    It’s really cool that u spend all that time for your pictures, and Cant wait to see what goes on in Egypt !

  6. zoxell Says:

    Hazel is really an attractive sim! I hope she enjoys her get-away!

  7. raspberry3 Says:

    I love your story and the pictures are amazing! You can tell you really spend time on those! I’m going to keep on reading through your story, and I’m adding you to my blogroll! I just started my own legacy recently, so if you want something new to read I would love it if you checked it out 🙂

    • dustydreamer Says:

      Thank you so much for the comment, its really appreciated to hear what readers are thinking. ^^
      I will definitely stop by your legacy and Ill add you to my blogroll as well. ^^

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